January 15, 2020-Wednesday

Onsite Registration-Lobby

  • Collecting conference materials
  • Certificate will be signed and issued after each session
  • Accommodation not provided, and it’s suggested to make an early reservation
  • Take care of all your belongings during the conference days
  • Safety Remind:
    Keep yourself and your belongings safe whilst travelling is extremely important.
    Remaining aware and staying vigilant could stop you from becoming a victim of crime.
    Thieves can use a variety of tactics and distractions to relieve you of your personal items. Be mindful of your belongings and where you leave them whilst travelling.
    Open area, please pay attention to your financial security, the conference committees will not be responsible for your loss.

January 16, 2020-Thursday-Morning

Opening Remark: Conference Chair Prof. Luiz Moutinho, University of Suffolk, UK
Keynote Speaker I: Prof. Erwin Pesch, University of Siegen and HHL, Germany

Title: Conflict-Free Yard Crane Routing in an Automated Container Terminal
Coffee Break & Group Photo
Keynote Speaker II: Prof. Roel Leus, KU Leuven, Belgium
Title: Scheduling under Uncertainty: A Survey of Recent Developments

Keynote Speaker III: Prof. Luiz Moutinho
University of Suffolk, UK

Title: Future future FUTURO - A Synopsis of Embedded Technology

January 16, 2020-Thursday-Afternoon

Room Moreau 1: Oral Session 1-Industrial Production and Project Management

Room Moreau 2: Oral Session 2-Computer and Information Technology

Room Van Dongen: Oral Session 3-Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering
Coffee Break and Poster Sessions
Room Moreau 1: Oral Session 4-Advanced Manufacturing Technology and System

Room Moreau 2: Oral Session 5-Electronic Engineering and Measurement & Control Technology

Room Van Dongen: Oral Session 6:-Industrial Engineering and Automation
Award Banquet

January 17, 2020-Friday

Optinal City Visit
(Notre Dame de Paris-Louvre-Place de la Concorde-Eiffel Tower-Triumphal arch)